Adult Treatment Philosophy

In her practice, Ms. Shandalov draws from yoga’s ancient philosophy of incorporating body, mind and spirit.  She sees adults with all ranges of diagnoses. Some are acutely ill and others have longstanding disabilities or injuries.  Ms. Shandalov combines her knowledge of western medicine and incorporates an integrative medicine approach.  Her extensive knowledge of disease and disability in a variety of settings combine with her complementary yoga treatment to provide a new level of understanding of how the brain and the immune system can work together for natural and therapeutic healing.  She has worked as an Occupational Therapist at 2 top ranked hospitals in the country in disease and injury and believes that if client’s use her integrative approach they can maximize healing and independence.  Her ultimate goal for all of her clients is for them to be, healthy, happy and pain free.

Betsy believes that any one can do yoga.  You can be in a hospital bed, a wheelchair or on a yoga mat.

She specializes in raising her clients’ awareness about their body and its limitations, and then to teach them building blocks to prevent injury while restoring strength and flexibility.  Her philosophy is that if you understand your own body as it moves and breathes on the mat, then you can feel that same liberation in your own life.